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CEC: Preliminary municipal election results to be published 7-8 hours after poll close
UNM candidate broke in two polling stations, CEC says
Number of voters for October 2 to be 3 497 345
Three NGOs to quit CEC Consultative Group staffing process
US Ambassador: Selection process of candidates for CEC Chairperson, members to be inclusive
Competition Commission shortlists two for CEC Chair vacancy and five for CEC member job
Competition Commission completes job interviews with CEC applicants
Commission to staff CEC to be established
Imitated elections at CEC (Photo)
CEC Chairwoman remains in post
CEC spokesperson: ISFED to submit additional documentation on imbalances
CEC: Official data not to confirm abundance of ballot papers in eight percent of precincts
CEC to annul five opposition party lists
Protesters bring potatoes to CEC
Several opposition parties applied to the CEC for budget funding
CEC – Voter turnout for 17:00 is 20.74%
CEC – Voter turnout for 15:00 is 16.47%
CEC – Voter turnout for 12:00 is 8. 29%
Head of CEC legal department: All candidates will be recorded on the ballot papers
European Georgia filed complaint against CEC decisions