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UNM Tsitlidze: GD's CEC election proposal aims to limit President's role
President to veto CEC-related draft, presidential administration says
Ruling GD proposes amendments to CEC's chair election procedure
By-elections held in several municipalities
CEC informs international organizations, diplomats about by-elections
GPB Dir/Gen meets CEC Chair
CEC Chair, EU Ambassador discuss election issues
OSCE/ODIHR delegation visits Georgia
President’s decision on candidates for CEC chairperson incomprehensible for GD
CEC Competition Commission submits candidates for chairperson, members, to President
CEC Summarizes final results of parliamentary by-election
GD candidates winning in Batumi, Rustavi and Gardabani by-elections, CEC preliminary data shows
GD candidate winning in Batumi by-elections, CEC preliminary data shows
Presidential Administration submits CEC Chair, member candidacies to parliament
Selection process of CEC Chair, members, should be fair and transparent, Ambassador Degnan says
US Embassy statement on CEC rule revisions
CEC not to satisfy UNM complaints
CEC: GD Kakha Kaladze – 55.603%, UNM Nika Melia – 44.397%
CEC preliminary results for Rustavi: GD Nino Latsabidze to lead with 53.72%
CEC preliminary results for Kutaisi: GD Ioseb Khakhaleishvili to lead with 51.64%