US Embassy statement on CEC rule revisions
US Embassy statement on CEC rule revisions

“Parliament’s rushed decision to roll back recent reforms to the procedures for appointing members of the Central Election Commission undermines efforts agreed to by the ruling party and opposition to select these critically important positions through a multiparty consensus process,” says the statement of the US Embassy in Georgia about CEC rule revisions.

“It is another unnecessary step away from the ruling party’s commitments to the citizens of Georgia and the international community to address longstanding ODIHR recommendations and work in partnership with opposition parties and civil society to strengthen Georgia’s electoral system and democratic institutions. For voters in Georgia to have confidence in the electoral process, they need to have confidence in the impartiality, independence, and qualifications of Central Election commission members.

That is what the previous consensus-based procedure was designed to do, which the ruling party and opposition agreed to, before it too was modified late in the process and without inclusive consultation.

We call on all parties in Parliament, on civil society, and on the President to work together to identify and reach multi-partisan consensus on the most highly qualified, independent, impartial candidates for the positions on the Central Election Commission which will become vacant in February,” reads the statement.

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