GPB, EACEA launch selection of participants for The Synchromesh

The Georgian Public Broadcaster, in collaboration with the European Commission/European Education and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA), initiated an international project – The Synchromesh, aimed at promoting radio theatre.

Radio theatre has a rich tradition in Georgia. The first preserved radio production in the Public Broadcasting Radio Foundation dates back to 1953. This year marks the radio theatre’s 70th anniversary. Previously, radio performances were broadcast live in the 1930s.

The Synchromesh promotes and develops one of radio’s oldest genres, radio theatre. The European Commission-funded project involves seven countries: Georgia, Ireland, Albania, Hungary, Italy, Ukraine, and Romania. It encompasses educational activities, workshops, and summer school.

The ultimate goal of the project is to attract, train, and eventually create a radio show. As a transnational project, The Synchromesh aims to develop relevant skills for young individuals interested in radio audio drama. It offers participants the opportunity to develop skills in writing, acting, directing, music, production, and technical skills in audio radio drama. The project allows participants to gain international experience.

The initial phase of the project involves a two-week summer tour in Romania, from August 25 to September 8, in which all participants must take part. Summer school is free for participants, with transportation and living expenses reimbursed under the project. However, stipends are not provided.

Following the summer school, participants will form small groups of 4-5 members to create a full-length professional audio drama lasting one hour. A corresponding budget will be allocated to cover the necessary expenses. Participants will have 18 months to implement the project, which will be presented and promoted afterwards.

Participants will also engage in a series of masterclasses conducted in their home countries and be connected with a professional mentor locally. The project targets young individuals starting their careers, including directors, actors, screenwriters, musicians, sound engineers, producers, and more.

The project welcomes participants interested in audio/radio productions. Participants must be able to participate in the summer school course and complete the project. The project welcomes participants with diverse levels of experience, especially those with limited professional development opportunities. However, participants must possess a passport, be able to travel and have a B2 English proficiency level.

Qualification requirements:

Practical experience in the respective role (director, actor, musician, screenwriter, composer, sound director, producer). Experience in theatre and radio will be considered advantageous.

Availability to stay abroad for two weeks and possess the necessary travel documentation (passport and others).

Proficiency in the English language at the B2 level.

Interest in radio drama and a desire to learn.

A temporary resource to participate in the project creation process.

Required documentation for the competition:


Completed application form (please download, fill out, and email it to the address provided below).

Work samples (when sending the application and resume, please upload them to the email; for large files, you can use a cloud system).

Proof of English language proficiency (if not available, the interview will be conducted in English).

Competition stages:

Selection of applications and evaluation of submitted work.


To participate in the project, please submit the relevant documentation no later than July 21 via email to:  [email protected]

For any additional questions, please, contact us at  [email protected]