Court rejects Imeda Darsalia's lawsuit against GPB
Court rejects Imeda Darsalia's lawsuit against GPB

The Tbilisi City Court has fully rejected Imeda Darsalia’s lawsuit against the Georgian Public Broadcaster (GPB).

Imeda Darsalia accused the GPB of censorship and interference in editorial independence, claiming his dismissal was unjust and demanding reinstatement as a presenter along with compensation for damages. However, the court shared the position of the Public Broadcaster, stating that Darsalia had grossly breached his obligations as an employee.

The court emphasized that information released by Imeda Darsalia as one of the most highly-rated presenters, which could not be confirmed within the investigation, would harm the reputation of the First Channel.

While acknowledging the vital role of media organizations in a democratic society, the court ruled that they have the right to set standards for their employees, including journalists, who hold significant responsibility to the public. These standards, the court clarified, do not constitute discrimination.

The court found that Imeda Darsalia failed to substantiate the claims he made publicly with sufficient evidence. The dissemination of unconfirmed information by Darsalia, which discredited the Public Broadcaster, violated the terms of his employment contract. Therefore, the court upheld the decision to dismiss Darsalia, and his claims were rejected.

The court’s decision is available at the provided link.