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Court to be independent branch of authority, Parliament Speaker says
Court imprisons 2 persons for violence against TV Pirveli cameraman, civilian
UNM Chair Nika Melia's trial scheduled for April 8
Prosecutor: Davit Gareji defendants face 15 years in prison
Defendants in Davit Gareji case released on bail
Two persons sentenced to life imprisonment for torture and murder of Georgian soldier
Court leaves Giorgi Rurua in custody
Court sentenced the defendants in the case of the so-called child pornography to 20 and 19 years in prison
Tbilisi City Court leaves Giorgi Rurua in custody
Prosecutor: Court not agreed that there was a risk of a new crime, although this does not mean that evidence not exists
Court grants Bail to Nikoloz Basilashvili
First Vice-Speaker – I see a better court in perspective than many western countries have
Zviad Kuprava sentenced to nine months in prison
Opposition parties released a joint statement on Court judgment regarding Nika Melia
Lithuanian court sentences former Soviet high-ranking officials in absentia
Levan Kipiani admits participation in performance staged by Zaza Okuashvili
Court imposes imprisonment to juvenile charged into Khorava Street murder case
Zviad Kuprava and 3 other detainees sentenced to 14-day of detention
Law enforcers used force to return Zviad Kuprava to the courtroom [Photo]
Prosecutor's Office to appeal Court's judgement into Khorava Street case in the Appeal Court