Georgian Radio turns 99
Georgian Radio turns 99

On May 23, Georgia marks the 99th anniversary of its first radio broadcast, with the centenary celebration set for 2025.

The first in the South Caucasus, Georgian Radio, began broadcasting in 1925. Despite technological advancements and the advancement of social networks, the radio maintains its audience, niche, and relevance.

Radio Georgia’s programming evolves annually, becoming more diverse and adapting to modern technologies and listener demands. One of the new additions to Radio Georgia’s lineup is the One Minute of Poetry segment, which will air daily and feature unique recordings of poems by Georgian poets from the Golden Fund.

In collaboration with the European Commission, the Public Broadcaster has been implementing a project called The Synchromesh since 2023. This initiative aims to popularize radio theatre and develop relevant skills for young people interested in pursuing careers in radio audio drama. The Synchromesh project focuses on promoting and developing radio theatre, one of the oldest radio genres, having a rich tradition in Georgia.

Two Public Broadcaster radio channels are available in Georgia: FM 102.3 and Radio Music of Georgia on FM 100.9.