Ruling GD proposes amendments to CEC's chair election procedure
Ruling GD proposes amendments to CEC's chair election procedure

Parliament’s Speaker, instead of the President, will select candidates for the CEC chairmanship and membership, as per the bill submitted to the legislature by the parliamentary majority.

Based on the draft, the Speaker will announce the competition, form a competition commission, and present nominees to Parliament. The President will have one representative on the competition commission.

The draft modifies the procedure and quorum requirements for their election. CEC members and chair will be in office for five years if parliament supports them with a majority (76 votes).

If voting does not fill all the seats, the President must nominate another candidate to compete, who must be voted on.

The members of the Georgian Dream majority initiated the bill, explaining that no developed country has a legal practice similar to the one in effect in Georgia.

The existing law requires the President, who organizes the competition commission and announces the competition, to submit the CEC candidates to the parliament for election.

As for Parliament procedure, voting is initially held with a 2/3 quorum. If 2/3 cannot be achieved, the majority of the entire composition elects the CEC chair.