Tag: Parliament

Parliament to discuss two draft resolutions this week
Labor Party to conduct public poll on their leader’s taking MP mandate
Parliament to suspend for one month due to local elections
Parliament to hear from Supreme Court candidate judges
Parliament adopts electoral reform at third reading
We heard slander, lies and manipulations about gov't performance, we know who we are dealing with, PM Garibashvili says
Parliament to register Girchi political group
UNM members arrive in parliament
Consultations on amnesty bill underway at Parliament
Parliament to extend term of commission on 2020 elections
MEP Michael Gahler encourages UNM to join Parliament
MPs get Sinopharm jabs
Girchi party sets up a TV studio in parliament
US Ambassador emphasizes the importance of opposition in parliament
New Parliament Speaker to spare no effort for all clauses of Michel's agreement be fulfilled timely
US Department of State calls on individual MPs and remaining parties to sign Michel's agreement
Lelo for Georgia says direct involvement in parliament work to depend on Giorgi Rurua and Nika Melia release
Vashadze called on colleagues to show European culture
Parliament Speaker: Separation of MPs proves Gakharia exercised personal interests
Citizens party: Time for parties to make bold decisions individually