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'Georgia 360' - New Project of Georgian First Channel (PHOTO/VIDEO)
EBU General Director thanks Vasil Maghlaperidze for work
Vasil Maghlaperidze, Director General of Georgian Public Broadcaster resigns
General Director of Georgian First Channel - A new building of Georgian First Channel has to be constructed and the decision has no alternative
Vasil Maghlaperidze: Legislative changes linked to Teleschool are necessary for the channel
Vasil Maghlaperidze: Online Olympiad for Azerbaijani and Armenian schools is much more important project than it might seem at first glance
Vasil Maghlaperidze: Teleschool as a channel has been born formally today
Vasil Maghlaperidze: Part of local population does not know Georgian language or knows it poorly, television has resources that will be used fully
Georgian Second Channel to be converted into an educational platform
“No to Gambling!” - Georgian First Channel launched new campaign #safemedia
Successful season of Georgian First Channel
Vasil Maghlaperidze: Nobody would have dared to offer employees of First Channel to move to Rustavi 2 TV Company
Public TV Companies of Armenia and Georgia Sign Memorandum of Cooperation
Vasil Maghlaperidze – Discussing or disputing borders recognized by UN in historic context with the Russian authorities would be a big mistake
Vasil Maghlaperidze – Using of obscene language has become jewelry
Vasil Maghlaperidze – Similar silliness can only come to sick head of a person who just learned that Russia is an occupant
Vasil Maghlaperidze – First Channel will have claim to voice all viewpoints
Vasil Maghlaperidze: Time when salaries were paid for load statements is over
Vasil Maghlaperidze: Project “Diverse Georgia” will be place for diversity and important relationship
Vasil Maghlaperidze - Incorrect facts are still in Freedom House report, which should be amended