Successful season of Georgian First Channel

Georgian First Channel has completed a successful season. According to the Vasil Maghlaperidze, Director General of Georgian First Channel a number of novelties expects the TV viewers from a new season.

“Georgian First Channel regains its positions and I believe that the next season, which will start in the autumn, will be more successful. Over the past two years, the number of programs on the channel has been almost tripled. Noteworthy that we produced documentary series, and we have gained much experience in this direction. Many years later, Mega Shows have appeared on the Public Broadcaster, and more shows will be added to the programming.

All programs that had a rating and were informative, educational and entertaining will be definitely continued, and, as for musical programs, we had great success in this direction. Good projects are being implemented; interesting ideas, that we have, will be implemented from September.

Georgian First Channel belongs to each citizen. This is the same private channel as any other, but it belongs to each citizen and fulfills the orders of citizens and not the orders of one private individual or some small group. Our products will definitely meet our ambitions“, – Vasil Maghlaperidze said.

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