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Salome Zurabishvili: Opening of the so-called ‘embassy of Abkhazia’ in Syria continues the gross violation of international law by Damascus
Foreign Ministry – Opening of so-called Embassy of occupied Abkhazia in Syria is continuation of illegal decision made by Assad regime made in 2018
Mike Pompeo - Turkey has the right to defend itself in Syria
Georgia expresses solidarity with Turkey over the attack on Turkish soldiers in Idlib
North Atlantic Council to hold consultations at Turkey’s request
Syria’s parliament recognises Armenian genocide
Vladimir Putin arrived in Syria
President of Turkey - Turkey to resume northern Syria operation if U.S. does not keep promises
Bread distributed to refugees from Syria in Akçakale town of Turkey (Photo)
Erdoğan rejects Trump’s demand for ceasefire
U.S. troops in Syria came under fire from Turkish positions
Another citizen of Georgia dies in Syria
IS 'trapping 200 families' in last stronghold in Syria
US Congress prepares resolution condemning recognition of Georgia’s occupied regions by Syria
Turkey preparing for counter-terror operation in Syria
Russian electronic warfare system arrives in Syria
US put Syria on the list of countries on which restrictions are imposed for recognize so-called Independence of occupied territories of Georgia
Georgian Foreign Ministry states that agreement on diplomatic relations between Syria and occupied Tskhinvali is illegitimate
Warplanes bomb 3 hospitals in southern Syria as Assad’s army presses offensive
Kakha Imnadze – South and North Ossetia never existed, Communists named Samachablo and Alania Republic so