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Georgia joins UN to condemn Russia’s aggression against Ukraine
Opposition MPs release joint statement
OSCE previous, current and next two chairmen adopt joint statement in support of Georgia
Georgian opposition sends joint letter to EU, NATO
Parliamentary parties to sign joint statement in support of Georgia’s NATO Integration
Opposition parties call on non-signatory colleagues to show responsibility for the political process
MEPs call on remaining opposition parties and individual MPs to show courage for the greater good of Georgia
Republican Party not to join opposition’s joint statement
8 opposition parties to engage in parliamentary work if an agreement is reached with government
Several opposition parties release joint statement
Oppositional parties draft joint statement, they reject MP mandates
MPs of 12 countries, including Georgia, released joint statement on Ukraine’s Independence Day
Foreign Ministers of Associated Trio sign joint statement
Foreign Ministers of Georgia, Ukraine and Moldova sign joint statement on EU integration
Delegations of five countries in PACE release joint statement to counter Russia
Five countries to release joint statement today about return of Russia to PACE
Joint statement adopted at Conference of Judges