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Amiran Gamkrelidze – Testing on coronavirus should be widely accessible for clinics and population
One hundred tests to be made on coronavirus today
Head of Diseases Control Center - We expect number of coronavirus cases to increase
Amiran Gamkrelidze – Government to provide assistance to locals residing across occupied regions in struggle against coronavirus
Amiran Gamkrelidzes urges private hospital and pharmaceutical sector, not to take advantage of the situation
Amiran Gamkrelidze - Number of COVID-19 cases is expected to be increased in Georgia
Twenty-fourth case of coronavirus confirmed in Georgia
Coronavirus situation in Georgia is under control
Amiran Gamkrelidze – Extension of holidays at schools may depend on epidemic situation
Businesspersons may finance disinfection works at churches
Amiran Gamkrelidze – Cases of novel coronavirus will increase, our aim is to reduce risks at a minimum
Amiran Gamkrelidze – Infection does not know who is whose son, it can affect everybody
The fourth case of new coronavirus confirmed in Georgia
Amiran Gamkrelidze – Number of patients infected with coronavirus has not increased
According to Amiran Gamkrelidze, banknotes can spread virus
Amiran Gamkrelidze: If there is no necessity, abstain from any kind of travel
Amiran Gamkrelidze says all 37 patients examined yesterday tested negative on coronavirus
Third case of novel coronavirus confirmed in Georgia
Second case of novel coronavirus confirmed in Georgia
Amiran Gamkrelidze: Iran may pose higher threat to Georgia than China in terms of coronavirus