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MIA investigates Girchi-More Freedom party leader’s assault, Borjomi incident
Girchi-More Freedom leader physically assaulted
Girchi More Freedom leader lacks optimism over Georgia's EU candidate status prospect
GD MP says opposition’s activities doomed to failure
Girchi-More Freedom regrets Commissioner Varhelyi helps GD maintain its pro-European image
Opposition leaders call for consolidation for power shift 
Girchi-More Freedom leader: Reduction of polarization is fairytale, I'm not going to live in delusion
Girchi More Freedom leader refers to parliament as Chapiteau
Zurab Japaridze: 379 people subscribed to my Telegram, ready for obstruction, disobedience, sabotage. I aim to soar their number
Georgia not to return to street and destabilization politics, Vice Speaker says
Parliament suspends MP authority to Lelo and Girchi-More Freedom leaders
Girchi-More Freedom urges US Ambassador for personal sanctions against gov't
Lelo, Girchi-More Freedom leaders request Parliament to terminate MP mandates
Opposition MPs quit Parliament
Girchi-More Freedom sees ongoing elections as not fair
We cannot prove election violation by evidence, Girchi's Japaridze says
Leader of Girchi-More Freedom: Government to be responsible for everything
Girchi - More Freedom: Georgian Dream not to be ready to compromise
Girchi-More Freedom: Losing authority through fair election to be red line for GD
Girchi-More Freedom: Political opponent's detention to halt Euro-Atlantic integration