Girchi-More Freedom, Droa parties create a joint platform
Girchi-More Freedom, Droa parties create a joint platform

The opposition Girchi-More Freedom and Droa parties created a joint platform, (Slave).

As Girchi-More Freedom leader Zurab Japaridze said, the joint platform will reveal the officials affiliated with the “criminal regime” and Russian services.

“The purpose of the platform is to expose people in the service of the Russian regime and to make them public. Their identities will be stored digitally,” he said.

Zurab Japaridze further said that the opposition parties will focus on elections, on Election Day. However, he added the pre-election period also matters since the State Security Service will be “planning” the election results during this time, adding violence on political opponents involving the police, prosecutor’s office, and violent groups was likely in the pre-election period.

“The aim of this project is to expose all these people in public and to keep their identities for future generations and history in digital format. We will keep everyone’s name and surname, and everyone will know that at a critically decisive moment when we had and still have a chance for rapid European and NATO integration, these people served Russian interests,” he said.

Girchi-More Freedom leader added that a special council staffed by members of political parties, the civic sector and the media will decide who will be put on the list.