Tag: Prosecutor's Office

US citizen extradition procedures from Georgia to be underway
Prosecutor's Office detains three, including two notaries, for money misappropriation
Prosecutor's Office rejects allegations
Former investigator in Bachaliashvili's case arrested
Prosecutor’s Office to tighten law on violence against animals
Prosecutor's Office: ECHR rules no violation in obtaining and use of evidence in Mamaladze's case
Prosecution indicts nine people over Vake park tragedy
Prosecutor’s Office holds interrogations into incident at US Embassy
Prosecutor's Office refused to grant Mikheil Saakashvili a victim's status
Prosecutors indict one individual for Dmanisi stabbing
Prosecutor’s Office releases statement on leaked files
POG summons media outlets over leaked files
One more person charged for violence against TV Pirveli cameraman
One more person charged for violence against GPB cameraman
Media to urge Prosecutor’s Office to investigate Alt-Info activities
Prosecutor’s Office: Proposal to change imprisonment to UNM chair stands
Prosecutor's Office indicts 3 people detained for journalist Vakho Sanaia’s attack
Girchi Party hails Davit Gareji defendants release on bail
Prosecutor’s Office demands imposition of bail and restriction of border crossing to Nika Melia
Georgian citizen hands over cartographic material on Davit Gareji case to POG