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Economy Minister deems Namakhvani HPP 'priority project'
Economy Minister: Namakhvani HPP project should be implemented "rightly"
Meetings held over Namakhvani HPP
Gov't to toil on to avoid arbitration with ENKA, Georgian officials say
Imereti Regional State Envoy meets Namakhvani HPP opponents
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ENKA Company not to stop Namakhvani HPP project
Meeting on Namakhvani HPP with EU Energy Union mediation
PM: Namakhvani HPP project not to continue under current conditions
Economy Minister: European Energy Union high-official to arrive in Georgia
Turkish Ambassador to address opponents of Namakhvani HPP
Lelo urges Branch Economy and Environment Committees to hold sitting over Namakhvani HPP
Anti-Namakhvani protest to continue in Rioni Gorge
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Anti-Namakhvani HPP protesters march in downtown Tbilisi
Anti-Namakhvani HPP protesters to have questions for Georgian Government
EU Energy Community to assist civil society, gov't in dispute over Namakhvani HPP
Small Anti-Namakhvani HPP protest to be held in Kutaisi
Energy Community Dispute Resolution and Negotiation Centre to engage in Namakhvakhi HPP project mediation
European Energy Community to involve in dialogue over Namakhvani HPP