Turkish Ambassador to address opponents of Namakhvani HPP
Turkish Ambassador to address opponents of Namakhvani HPP

Whatever is the decision about hydro electric power plants or other energy sources, Georgian energy strategy is Georgia’s affair. It has to be decided by the Georgian government and people, said Turkish Ambassador to Georgia, Fatma Ceren Yazgan.

According to the Ambassador, anti-Namakhvani protesters should admit company employees to their work places. She said she was also concerned about discriminatory statements toward the Turkish investor company ENKA.

“If anyone discriminates the company only because it is a Turkish company, I will complain and demand cooperation of Georgian people, my friends,” the Ambassador claimed.

Fatma Ceren Yazgan further said that if construction of Namakhvani HPP was oriented on sustainable energy and protection of environment, then the region’s locals, who would benefit from the project, and those who made decisions, had to talk to each other.

The protests against Namakhvani HPP construction have been underway in western Georgia for almost six months. The Georgian government suspended the HPP construction for 9 to 12 months until the environmental, geological, and seismological surveys are reviewed. Nevertheless, local protesters plan to continue rallies. They believe the HPP would harm the environment and would be constructed anyway, which they oppose.


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