US Ambassador: US not to negotiate about Georgia without Georgia

US Ambassador to Georgia Kelly Degnan echoed Russia’s recent destabilizing actions and threats to European security. In her video address, she said that the US was not going to negotiate about Georgia without Georgia.

“The United States respects the sovereignty of each country, including Georgia and Ukraine. Russia does not have a veto over sovereign decisions. We will not negotiate about Georgia without Georgia,” Kelly Degnan said.

According to the US Ambassador, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said that the United States would not discuss European security without European allies and partners.

“We are unwavering in our support for Georgia’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. We will continue to join the overwhelming majority of the international community in calling for Russia to end its occupation of Georgia. We are also firm in our commitment of, as stated in the Bucharest declaration, when the conditions are met, Georgia and other partners will become members of NATO,” Ambassador Degnan claimed.

The US Ambassador further elaborated on the necessity of high-level diplomacy that began in Geneva and would be followed by the meetings in NATO, Brussels and the OSCE, Vienna.

“The Kremlin insists that Russia should be allowed to establish an exclusive sphere of influence throughout Eastern Europe and the Caucasus. President Putin’s goal is to stop these countries, including Georgia, from acting as fully sovereign, independent nations that have the right to choose their own security partners,” she said.

Ambassador Degnan remarked that this week’s meetings were extremely relevant for Georgia and the US closely coordinated with the Georgian government. She stressed that Russia’s demands are “unacceptable” because Russia attempts to “recreate the Soviet domination and control over its neighbours.”

“Georgians know Russians very well. You know how the Kremlin twists the truth and distorts history trying to confuse and divide people. Russia is the country that destroyed the Republic of Georgia in 1921, desecrated Georgian Orthodox churches and tried to smother the Georgian language. Georgians fought for your country and your freedom against Russia. So you could choose your own future as a strong democracy, a choice the United States is very proud to support,” US Ambassador stated.




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