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U.S. Ambassador says a targeted campaign is going on to undermine Georgia's EU path
Ambassador Degnan: U.S. is very privileged and proud to help Georgia in its European integration aspirations
U.S. Ambassador deems Agile Spirit 2023 a great opportunity to build interoperability
CEC Chair calls on interested stakeholders not to undermine election process
PM holds farewell meeting with U.S. Ambassador
Defence Minister holds farewell meeting with U.S. Ambassador
Speaker says Georgia needs no caretakers, let alone foreign caretakers
US Ambassador says Kremlin-inspired law targeted Georgian NGOs and civil societies working for the benefit of Georgia
Ambassador Degnan: Georgian government chooses what kind of a relationship it wants to have with China
US Ambassador: No one should expect Georgians to welcome people from a country that occupies 20% of Georgia's territory
US Ambassador: Georgia is a good partner in preventing dual-purpose components from getting on the battlefield
Ambassador Degnan: No one in US Embassy involved in lobbying on behalf of Saakashvili
US Ambassador: Georgians are warm hosts, but no one should expect them to welcome occupiers
US Ambassador should be informed about what her country published regarding Georgia, MP Talakvadze says
US Ambassador hopes voters to make their voices heard in 2024 October elections
Agriculture Minister, US Ambassador visit Genetics Lab
GD Chair: MIA did everything possible to prevent violence during Pride Festival
Kelly Degnan: Important Georgia to continue building democratic institutions
US Ambassador: Sanctions powerful tool; for instance, with visa designations against 4 corrupt judges
NATO door remains open for Georgia, Ukraine, Ambassador Degnan says