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Georgian PM attended solidarity concert on occasion of US-Georgia Strategic Partnership Anniversary
“We are very proud of what the U.S. and Georgia accomplished over the last 30 years. I see it everywhere I go,” Ambassador Degnan says
Ambassador Degnan: Georgia complies with int'l sanctions
'President had a clear, strong message today, her speech was excellent' US Ambassador says
'We believe in Georgia's Euro-Atlantic future,' US Ambassador says
US Ambassador says 'Georgian gov't has been very clear in its statements of support for Ukraine'
Georgian FM, US Ambassador meet
Georgia speaks out clearly against Russia's violation of Ukraine's territorial integrity and sovereignty, US Ambassador says 
US Ambassador, Parliament Speaker meet
Now, more than ever, the United States will stand with the Georgian people, Ambassador Degnan says
Georgian FM meets US Ambassador
Mikheil Saakashvili’s human rights to be respected, Ambassador Degnan says
Ambassador Degnan meets Parliament Speaker
Any initiative to reduce polarization and bring society together to be positive, Ambassador Degnan says
US Ambassador says resolution in support of Ukraine should be a clear message at very tense moment
New Poti port to be opportunity for Georgia to realize its goal of becoming East-West hub, US Ambassador says
Poti port to be symbol of Georgia’s continued Euro-Atlantic aspirations, US Ambassador says
Public needs to see they have CEC Administration they can trust, US Ambassador says
Georgia builds democracy for as short as 20 years, there is more to do, US Ambassador says 
Ambassador Degnan hopes UNM to enter Parliament