Georgian Public Broadcaster gifted project of new building to Moldovan National Public Broadcaster, Teleradio-Moldova
Georgian Public Broadcaster gifted project of new building to Moldovan National Public Broadcaster, Teleradio-Moldova

On August 22, in the city of Chisinau in Moldova, the Director Generals of the Georgian Public Broadcaster and the Moldovan Public Broadcaster, and the architect of Tbilkalakproekti signed a three-party Memorandum of Cooperation.

The signing ceremony of the Memorandum was held at the public broadcaster of Moldova. The event was attended by Moldovan officials, including: Pâslariuc Virgiliu, the Deputy Chairman of the Parliament’s Commission for Culture, Education, Research, Youth, Sport, and the Media; and Levan Diasamidze, the Ambassador of Georgia in the Republic of Moldova.

Under this Memorandum, the GPB hands over to the Moldovan Public Broadcaster, free of charge, the architectural project, acquired through the public contest and subsequently through a public tender, for the new building planned to be constructed in Tbilisi, Anna Politkovskaya str. # 31.

The Moldovan Public Broadcaster will use the adapted version of architectural and engineering projects for its new building.

“Signing the memorandum is a solidarity action for the purpose of sharing the experience. Both of our organizations are active members of the European Broadcasting Union, we are united by common values and have common aspirations, that’s why mutual support and help means a strong public service media, and therefore a democratic and free society and people,” stated Tinatin Berdzenishvili, Director General of the GPB.

“We are determined to give a new perspective to the public broadcasting in the Republic of Moldova, and, in order to make it modern and attractive, both for listeners and viewers, as well as for professionals in the field, we need to restore its infrastructure. We are extremely grateful to our colleagues in Georgia and especially to Tinatin Berdzenișvili for the openness and friendship they showed us in this project,” mentioned Vladimir Țurcanu, Director General of the TRM.

Apart from this, considering the existing relations and multilateral cooperation between Georgia and the Republic of Moldova, the two public broadcasters will carry out cooperation in the following directions: introduction and distribution of documentaries, joint production of media projects, assistance to introduction of modern forms and methods of training of specialists, the joint organization, carrying out training courses, etc.