Georgian First Channel Coverage of 2020 Parliamentary Elections
Georgian First Channel Coverage of 2020 Parliamentary Elections

Georgian First Channel offers equal conditions to all the parties standing for Parliament. Upon formal declaration of the election campaign and registration of the eligible parties by the election commission, Georgian First Channel will  provide  airtime  for  political  debates  between  the parties. The debates will be translated into Azerbaijani and Armenian languages.

The order of debate participants will be decided by casting lots (the parties will be prior informed about the time and venue of drawing lots).

Similarly  to  the  previous  years,  First  Channel assumes responsibility to stage the international standard debates; the candidates will be given a level playing field.

First Channel offers the parties to present their Parliamentary candidates or programs in 12:00, 15:00 or 18:00 “Moambe” news program. They will be given 10-12 minutes live coverage providing each party ensures transmission of a live signal to Georgian First Channel.

Some have already seized the opportunity:

  • “European Georgia”
  • “The Georgian Dream”
  • “Lelo”
  • „Strategy Aghmashenebeli“
  • “Citizens”

The main edition of “Moambe” news program has been and will be covering the main activities, election programs and stances of the party.

Georgian First Channel offers to representatives of parties, registered by the CEC (Election administration of Georgia), make a 5 minute statement in news program “Moambe” 21:00. The order will be decided by casting lots.

The order will be decided through lots. The addresses will be translated into Armenian and Azerbaijani languages and will be broadcast in Azerbaijani and Armenian language “Moambe” and will be published on the webpage of First Channel, on the site of a corresponding language. The main news bulletin of “Moambe” is aired with use of voice tracks of Armenian and Azerbaijani languages (Language mode can be switched on via the remote control of the receiver).

Election topics will be on the top of the agenda of the social and political programs to come back to our TV screens and radio in September.

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