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Tea Tsulukiani may become head of one of ministries or First Vice Speaker
Member of Georgian Dream – Mikheil Saakashvili and some forces ruled by him remain the main anti-western force in Georgia
Tea Tsulukiani says that out of 129 election observer organizations, 32 are directrly or indirectly linked to oppositional parties
Tea Tsulukiani resigns as Minister of Justice due to election campaign
Justice Minister -Until the State Audit Service concludes on the issue of Patriots ’ Alliance, any kind of speculation will further strain the pre-election process
Justice Minister – We welcome if Mikheil Saakashvili finds courage to arrive in Georgia, he will be arrested and imprisoned
Justice Minister inspected construction of Justice House in Gardabani
Justice Minister – Constitutional reality is evident that President is independent in her decisions
Tea Tsulukiani: We are the government that established free elections in this country, we will show even higher standard in October 2020
Tea Tsulukiani: National Movement and Saakashvili have exhausted resources, so someone is trying to get back to the rhetoric of July 2012 through lobbyists that as if Georgian Dream, our leader, we are all Putin's agents
Tea Tsulukiani: There are no political prisoners in Georgia, therefore, no agreement could be reached on non-existent political prisoners
Justice Minister – Non-admission of any member of CoE will result in imposition of sanctions to Georgia
Justice Minister – Statement of US Embassy signals that we should continue working on perfection of court system
Justice Minister – German Model of elections is anti-Constitutional and no next debates will be held over this issue
Justice Minister – Georgian government puts peaceful but firm policy in oppose to occupation
New rules for replacement of lost or stolen passport
Micro prisons may be established for juvenile convicts
Justice Minister – The right of Pardoning cannot be unlimited
Justice Minister – One of the persons pardoned by President is wanted
Maia Tskitishvili and Tea Tsulukiani to hold the posts of Vice Prime Minister