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US Deputy Secretary underscores U.S. support for Euro-Atlantic aspirations of Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia
US, France, Italy, Germany, UK coordinated on plans for additional sanctions to hold Russia accountable
State Department calls Georgia, Moldova important partners
Contribution of US to strengthening Georgia is invaluable, Georgian FM says
U.S. House Committee on Appropriations releases Appropriations bill, mentioning Georgia
Secretary Blinken does not expect to see breakthroughs in talks with Russia this week
Charles Michel: EU and US work together to resolve regional conflicts
EU-US summit statement: We resolve to work towards long-term peace, resilience and stability in the South Caucasus
Senator Jeanne Shaheen: Russia’s first play to subvert democracy in Eastern Europe started with Georgia
UNM members leave for the US
Senator Rob Portman: Georgia is reliable U.S. ally and needs our help
US Acting Assistant Secretary Reeker: Georgia remains US’s key strategic partner
Philip Reeker praises progress made by Georgia towards NATO Integration
US to allocate Georgia USD 88 million as per FY 2022 Budget
US and EU call on Georgian MPs to sign agreement
GD Chair meets Senators Jeanne Shaheen and Ron Johnson
US Ambassador to NATO argues Georgia to continue reforms
NATO SG: Non-EU countries, US, Canada, UK, Turkey defend European flanks
Georgian FM: US administration to be strict towards Russia
Economy Minister: US-Georgia relations to be at high level