Tag: Negotiations

Vice Speaker skeptical about negotiations
Negotiations between GD, opposition likely to resume this evening
GD optimistic about negotiations
MP Mdinaradze: No compromise proposal comes from opposition
Strategy Aghmashenebeli believes after mediation time for government and opposition to negotiate
UNM: Facilitator ambassadors examine whether room for negotiations exists
UNM ready for dialogue if Nika Melia participates
European Georgia ready to resume negotiations
Strategy Aghmashenebeli: Early elections to be held in 2021, local self-governance elections - in 2022
Citizens leader says Parliament Speaker proposes talks
Former ruling party to use dirt against opposition
Chairman of Parliament expects opposition to return to negotiations table
Member of Strategy Aghmashenebeli: Door to negotiations closes
Strategy Aghmashenebeli waits for Georgian Dream to respond
UNM: Snap election to be red line
Opposition to expect resumption of negotiations
Parliamentary Majority: Georgia to have multiparty parliament
Labor Party Leader to expect resumption of negotiations from January 7
EU Ambassador: Finding solution becomes more difficult over time
EU Ambassador to Georgia: Confidentiality in discussions not undemocratic