Tag: Negotiations

Russia-Ukraine Talks kick off in Istanbul
For Georgia Leader offers GD, UNM trilateral negotiations
Turkish Ambassador commends all political actors for reaching consensus that is essence of democracy
Labour Party's Natelashvili says he did his utmost to hold back opposition from capitulating to Ambassador Degnan at the first round of talks
GD and opposition meet at EU Delegation Office
EU Ambassador: I am optimistic that we are moving in the right direction
EU and US Ambassadors meet UNM
MEP Kaljurand believes Danielsson's paper regards all parties' interests, political leaders to take it seriously
UNM to continue talks, consultations, waits for proposals by Western partners
Lelo: Next round of talks to be held if solution viable
European Georgia: Crisis not to be resolved without elections, release of political prisoners
French Ambassador believes all energy in Georgia to be channelled towards resolution of serious challenges
Lelo: Opposition to make efforts to agree on all five points
Girchi believes in no other way but agreement
Girchi opposition party: No other way but negotiations
GD Chairman: Ultimatum regarding elections and Rurua ruined negotiations
Girchi - More Freedom: Georgian Dream not to be ready to compromise
Strategy Aghmashenebeli: We could not leave political hostages
Republican Party: We missed a chance, government to be responsible
Georgian President: Document proposed by EU mediator to be good basis for future progress