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FM meets Swedish State Secretary
Georgian Dream: We heed int'l partners advice and we are ready to kick off discussions over increasing 40% indicator of confidence
German Ambassador pleased with GD’s signing Danielsson's document
U.S. and E.U. Embassies reiterate necessity for all parties to compromise
European Georgia's Bokeria conditions early elections and political prisoners for Danielsson's paper signing
EU mediator's proposal to Georgian political parties
Georgian Dream signs EU mediator Danielsson's compromise paper
MEP Michael Gahler: Georgian political actors to make progress on agreement
GD: Opposition to be in crisis
UNM: No our signature to be on Danielsson’s document
Georgian Dream, opposition blame each other for failed talks amid MEPs criticism
PM claims no time to waste on unproductive negotiations, thanks EU mediators
Parliament Speaker: We leave doors open for parties to join
Georgian President: Document proposed by EU mediator to be good basis for future progress
UNM: Our country lost a historic opportunity
Citizens party: Main problem to be absence of readiness for sincere compromise
Parliament Speaker: Document by EU mediator does not stipulate early elections
EU mediator: None of political parties could agree
EU mediator publishes proposal made to Georgian political parties
Gov't, opposition, EU mediator hold joint consultations