MEP Michael Gahler: Georgian political actors to make progress on agreement
MEP Michael Gahler: Georgian political actors to make progress on agreement

Foreign Policy Spokesman of the EPP Group in the European Parliament, Michael Gahler, believes it is time for the Georgians to reflect and make a progress after EU mediator Christian Danielsson’s second visit to Georgia.

MEP thinks Danielsson’s third visit to Georgia only makes sense if political actors show clear indications over the agreement.

“It is also time for the Georgians to reflect not too long but to give signals that there is a way forward and it makes sense. I think we cannot handle things. The way that we are going back and forth, and you are not in a position to agree because it is your agreement at the end, not ours. We can propose, we have proposed something. As a parliament, we also support the suggestions from Mr Danielsson, and I think any third visit would only make sense that there are clear indications that the discussion in Georgia goes towards the agreement,” MEP Gahler told GPB.

The tension rose high after the 2020 Georgian parliamentary elections. Georgian opposition parties that won seats in the Georgian Parliament of the 10th Convocation believe the elections were a fraud. They have been demanding repeat parliamentary elections and the release of the United National Movement Chair, Nika Melia, and the co-founder of the TV channel Mtavari Arkhi Giorgi Rurua.

The second EU-mediated attempt to solve political crises in Georgia failed again. EU mediator Christian Danielsson said he proposed a solution that puts the country’s interest first to the parties, but none of the political actors agreed on the solution.