Georgian Dream, opposition blame each other for failed talks amid MEPs criticism
Georgian Dream, opposition blame each other for failed talks amid MEPs criticism

The Georgian Dream has taken unprecedented countermeasures while there has been no proposal from the opposition and no constructive steps to welcome, Givi Mikanadze, a member of the parliamentary majority, told journalists.

MP believes Georgia has a responsible government, which is accountable for the development of the country.

Vice Speaker of the Georgian Parliament, Kakha Kuchava, points the opposition should take appropriate steps to ease the situation. He stressed the government was supportive of a compromise.

“Several opposition representatives declared after the meeting that the Georgian Dream was ready to sign an agreement, but the opposition ended the talks. It is unfortunate, but hopefully, they will no more take such steps,” Kuchava said.

United National Movement member Khatia Dekanoidze stressed the Charles Michel’s plan and Christian Danielsson’s solution did not match. The early elections issue missed. Khatia Dekanoidze added Danielsson’s document misrepresented the ending of the political persecution either.

“Our position on the Danielsson’s document did not change. The plan of Charles Michel, which he put on the table in Georgia as soon as mediation began, does not match the latest agreement. Early elections have practically disappeared, and there was a wrong line in terms of ending political persecution. As for the other three points, of course, we could have agreed, but the Georgian Dream refused. Consequently, it is simple to formulate Michel’s plan. We must act within this framework of the 5+1 point agreement,” Dekanoidze said.

“There is only one way out of the impasse. This path is elections. We must force the government to this decision through united national resistance,” Giorgi Gugava, a member of the Labor Party, said. Gugava believes the government is responsible for the ongoing political processes in the country.

Leader of the Citizens party Aleko Elisashvili called on the other parties, who participated in the negotiations mediated by Christian Danielsson, personal envoy of the European Council President Charles Michel. He asked each party to come out individually and say whether they would sign the document, which Danielsson put on the table.

“Politicians speak differently behind closed doors and on the public. Then come and blame someone else. Leaders of the ruling party and the opposition parties must publicly and openly say whether they would sign the document or not. We have taken up the seats in Parliament, but we will sign this document. This country is falling into the abyss,” said Aleko Elisashvili.

Opposition party Girchi member Iago Khvichia echoed the appeal by Elisashvili. He said the stance by Girch is clear.

“We said publicly that both the government and the opposition should have signed this document, but none of them did,” Khvichia said. He added that Girchi was ready to sign, but being a single signatory does not make sense.

Christian Danielsson, a personal envoy of the European Council President Charles Michel in the Georgian political crisis, reported after the hours-long joint meeting between the ruling party and the opposition on March 30 that the parties could not agree on a solution. The negotiations ended with no promising results for the second time, and now it is up to President Michel to decide on the next steps.

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