No delays in visa liberalization, FM says
No delays in visa liberalization, FM says

Georgian Foreign Minister Ilia Darchiashvili on Thursday stressed “Georgia will not experience any delays in visa liberalization, and there are no risks in this respect.”

The FM stressed that the nation’s European integration is “an irreversible process.”

“Unfortunately, resolutions of this type have always been politically engaged, and motivated, seeking to damage the country’s reputation and the European path.

Every year, we create reports based on our commitments. Georgia is effectively carrying out the commitments outlined by its European partners. As a result, I’d want to assure our citizens that Georgia is completely safe in this regard.

These remarks are made to harm our nation, and I believe that individuals who make them do not serve Georgia’s European interests or future,” the FM added.

With 425 votes in favour and 30 against, the European Parliament earlier today passed a joint resolution “On efforts to re-introduce the ‘Foreign Agents Law’ in Georgia and restrictions on civil society.”

The resolution calls on the Commission to promptly assess the impact of Georgia’s planned ‘foreign agent’ law on Georgia’s continuous fulfilment of the visa liberalisation benchmarks, in particular the fundamental rights benchmark, a crucial component of the EU visa liberalisation policy.