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Parliament Vice-Speaker: Visa liberalization not to be endangered
Foreign Minister – Report of European Commission on fulfillment of visa liberalization with respect to Georgia is recognition of successful activities of Georgian government
Dirk Wiese – Visa liberalization is not on reconsideration agenda
Mamuka Bakhtadze – Talks that Georgia may be suspended visa liberalization are groundless
Davit Zalkaliani – Spain has no claims against Georgia regarding visa liberalization
European Commission President welcomes Georgia's positive trends in visa liberalization
Grounds for refusal to Georgian citizen on country’s temporary leaving to be clarified
Mariya Gabriel – I am proud that we succeeded together with Georgian government and people
Luxembourg’s Foreign Minister - I am visiting your country for the first time since visa liberalization is not a demand but a reality
Foreign Minister calls on Georgian citizens to take care of all successes achieved on path of European integration
One year of visa-free Europe
More than 250,000 Georgian citizens travelled to EU / Schengen Zone during past year
PM- Visa-liberalization is the greatest political step and confidence towards Georgia
Penalties to be imposed against readmissioned citizens
Mikheil Janelidze: Statistics about asylum seekers has to be paid attention
Readmission costs may be paid by readmitted persons and procedures for changing last name may be toughened
Prime Minister held a special meeting on challenges facing visa-liberalization
Mikheil Janelidze: I call on Georgian citizens to observe visa-liberalization rules