GD Chair: Georgia's judicial system stands free from any foreign influence
GD Chair: Georgia's judicial system stands free from any foreign influence

Today, Georgia’s justice and judicial system stand independent and free from any foreign influence, stated Irakli Garibashvili, Chair of the Georgian Dream party.

“Our country has earned recognition from international organizations, ranking first not only in the region but also among European and Eastern European nations for the rule of law and the well-structured judicial system. This speaks volumes about our achievements,” Garibashvili emphasized.

He further expressed Georgia’s aspiration to maintain its status as an independent sovereign state. “We have the ambition and determination to uphold our sovereignty. Our primary goal should be to unite our nation,” he remarked.

Garibashvili questioned the necessity of inviting foreign nationals to assess the integrity of Georgian judges. “Who requested this, and who verified their impartiality? As an independent nation with a rich history, don’t we possess the self-respect to refrain from inviting foreign citizens to evaluate the integrity of our judges? Our judges have decades of experience; they are not newcomers.

When we came to power in 2012, the initial recommendation, though not a direct mandate, was to refrain from interfering with the judiciary. The judges themselves appointed these individuals. We have maintained absolute non-interference in the judicial system. Currently, 300 judges independently oversee and manage the system, and we respect their autonomy. Therefore, they deserve acknowledgement of the independence of the Georgian judiciary,” Garibashvili concluded.