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Parliament approves amnesty bill
Protesters affected by June 20, 2019 rally dispersal gather at Parliament 
Parliament to approve Amnesty Bill with second reading
Parliament to postpone Amnesty Bill discussion
EU Ambassador hopes positions over Amnesty bill to draw closer
German Ambassador: Amnesty bill to be best way to resolve the situation
Labor Party leader to hold US Ambassador responsible for current situation
Consultations on amnesty bill underway at Parliament
Human Rights Committee backs GD-proposed amnesty bill in first reading
June 20 dispersed rally victims denounce amnesty bills
Chairwoman of Republican Party: EU ready to pay imprisoned UNM Chair bail
EU Ambassador: First hurdles of this crucial agreement implementation to be passed to move further into reforms
MP Mdinaradze backlashes opposition's version of amnesty bill
UNM believes GD to endorse its version of amnesty bill
Strategy Aghmashenebeli: Amnesty bill to be adopted, Nika Melia to be released
Details of GD-sponsored amnesty bill
MP Samadashvili assumes ignoring opposition views in amnesty bill to contradict Michel's compromise paper
Opposition to register alternative amnesty bill
Strategy Aghmashenebeli leader: No police officer-participant of June 20 violent dispersal to be a victim
Legal Issues Committee Chair says GD to initiate amnesty bill separately