Tbilisi Mayor echoes March 7 developments
Tbilisi Mayor echoes March 7 developments

“My personal experience assured me that if you do not value your country, its traditions, culture, past and values, Europe will not accept you,” said Tbilisi Mayor Kakha Kaladze in his video address echoing the March 7 developments at the parliament building in Tbilisi.

According to Kaladze, Europe is historically connected with Christianity, democracy, human values, rule of law, and respect for dignity.

He said the opponents often accused him of being fond of going shopping in European cities.

“If the choice of our opponents is to walk into Europe on one leg, it is up to you, but be sure that we will never enter Europe by walking on one leg and with a slavish attitude.

Don’t forget that slavery is not in the nature of Georgians either, and therefore, nobody should claim to enslave our people. Let me remind you that the most tangible results on the European road were achieved by the Georgian Dream government,” Kaladze said.