Georgian First Channel announces tender for construction of a new building
Georgian First Channel announces tender for construction of a new building

Georgian First Channel announced a tender for construction of a new building. The new building of Georgian First Channel will be located at #31 Anna Politkovskaya Street in Tbilisi.

Georgian First Channel obtained a construction permit from Architecture Service of Tbilisi City Hall after 2-year work. Companies, which are willing to participate in the tender, are asked to view the information about the tender and its conditions at the united electronic system of purchasing. The tender under the number NAT200008305 is available at

For monitoring of the construction process, Georgian First Channel, also through a tender, hired an international leading company in the region “CMC” (Construction Management & Consulting) that will actively be engaged in management of the project.

Since the building located at Kostava Street is amortized, Management and Board of Trustees applied to Ministry of Economy in 2017 and the Ministry handed over to the broadcaster in ownership 2 hectares of land space at Politkovskaya Street.

In 2017, Management of First Channel announced a competition and asked the public to choose the design of the new building. For the first time, the project was selected through secret balloting on Facebook. The design of “Tbilqalaqproject” LTD turned out to be the favorite one among the public and it won in the competition.

According to Vasil Maghlaperidze, General Director of Georgian First Channel, a new building of Georgian First Channel has to be constructed and the decision has no alternative.

“The decision about a new building was made many years ago due to amortized condition of the building at Kostava Street. Rehabilitation of the building at Kostava Street is impossible and its emergency situation is getting worse. Let’s face it – the building is skewed aside and there is underground water running beneath. That is why the decision was made though it was not decided where the broadcaster had to be relocated and how the new building had to be built.

If Television remained at the old site, it had to be destroyed and a new one had to be constructed that was related to many problems – Broadcaster had to stop working and many people would remain unemployed. The solution was found – land was allocated for Television and First Channel will cover construction costs with its own budget.

Georgian First Channel will have a modern building that will be cheaper with respect to maintenance. For instance, heating of the current building is impossible and there are no fire-fighting systems. There used to be a swimming pool next to the building in the past that could be used in case of fire.

One week ago, we obtained a construction permit after much work. I hope that the tender will be successful and we will begin building. We will have new and modern Television adjusted to vast opportunities,” Maghlaperidze said.