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Zviad Devdariani lifted candidacy for membership of GPB’s Board of Trustees
Dimitri Kumsishvili – We invited tourists injured in Gudauri to arrive next year
Health condition of pregnant woman injured in Gudauri is not life-threatening
Four tourists injured in Gudauri to be discharged from hospital today or tomorrow
Several well-known restaurants suspended entrepreneur process in Tbilisi
According to preliminary version, break system turned out of order at Gudauri ropeway
Zaza Sopromadze – Health condition of injured tourists in Gudauri not life-threatening
Injured tourists in Gudauri being brought to Tbilisi by reanomobiles
Dimitri Kumsishvili – Gudauri ropeway was last inspected in December
Injured tourists in Gudauri being brought to Tbilisi by helicopters
Health condition of two tourists in Gudauri is grave
Several people injured in Gudauri resort
Owners of C.T. Park describe decision of Tbilisi City Hall as being illegal and politically motivated
Strong wind expected in several regions
KazTransGas warning population
Tbilisi City Hall – Parking fees or fines will not change with termination of agreement with C.T. Park
Transport schemes changed in Saburtalo district
C.T. Park - Tbilisi City Hall decision will influence Georgia –Israel relations
Tbilisi City Hall terminates contract with C.T. Park
Davit Meskhishvili: Rule for taking driving license has to become stricter