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Foreign Minister – Georgia has strong, two-party support in US
Polar vortex death toll rises to 21 in US
President of Venezuela slams sanctions imposed by US
George Soros - US and China are in a cold war that ‘threatens to turn into a hot one’
US Congressmen once again introduced Georgia Support Act
US fires tear gas across Mexico border to repel migrants
Ross Wilson: U.S. supports freedom of speech and expression, but all of this should be done peacefully
US Congress approved bipartisan draft bill supporting Georgia
CNN - US has begun making the necessary preparations to sail a warship into the Black Sea
US Coast Guard seizes US$500 million worth of cocaine
Congressman Ted Poe asks US Trade Representative to sign US-Georgia free trade agreement
John Bolton to hold meetings in Georgia
John Bolton to visit Georgia tomorrow
US supports autocephaly of Ukraine's Orthodox Church
Mamuka Bakhtadze: Relations between US and Georgia are at the highest level
Davit Zalkaliani – Georgia will be the main stronghold of US in the region and beyond
Prime Minister to pay a working visit to US
US put Syria on the list of countries on which restrictions are imposed for recognize so-called Independence of occupied territories of Georgia
Turkey ramps up US spat with huge tariffs on cars and other goods
Davit Zalkaliani: Hearing on Georgia's occupation issue in US Congress is a demonstration of strong support