Tag: Opposition boycott

Parliamentary majority abstains opposition mandate revocation
Georgian President addresses ruling team and opposition
Parliament Vice-Speaker: Functioning parliament to pull country out of crisis
Opposition Citizens party: Time to converge positions and get real
Prime Minister: strategic partners call on opposition to do politics in parliament
Georgian Dream ready for talks with opposition
Parliamentary majority want to see many opposition parties at parliament
Alliance of Patriots requests to terminate parliamentary mandate
State funding to be suspended to parliamentary parties that renounce their seats
Georgian President: Renouncing multiparty parliament to be complete rejection of democracy
Opposition to sign declaration about illegitimacy of new parliament
Two opposition parties renounce MP mandates, party lists
Georgian Dream and opposition not to hold negotiations today
EU Ambassador to Georgia: Confidentiality in discussions not undemocratic
EU Ambassador to Georgia: We can still make progress before next parliament opens
Fourth round of government and opposition talks underway
Ruling party, opposition optimistic about talks amid political crisis
Opposition rallies in front of Adjara government building
Third round of negotiations between government and opposition kicks off
Opposition parties present coordinated negotiation plan to foreign ambassadors