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Georgian President to address European Parliament on May 31
GD Chair criticizes EP resolution, calls it 'absurd'
Tbilisi Mayor questions significance of EP's resolution on Saakashvili's health
EP adopts resolution on ex-President Saakashvili's issue
MEP Gregorová urges Georgian gov't to keep in mind not only gained but also lost political points by keeping Saakashvili in prison
MEP Fotyga: Saakashvili is dying in prison, affecting Georgia's future a lot
MEP Auštrevičius: Grant Saakashvili right to go abroad, preserving his life and country's chances to maintain its European face
MEP Sánchez Amor: Everyone in EU Parliament recommended Saakashvili not to enter illegally
MEP Lexmann urges Georgian authorities to allow Saakashvili to undergo medical treatment abroad
EU Commissioner Hahn says Georgian gov't responsible to protect Saakashvili's health
MEP Mikser says EP backs Georgia's European future
MEP Cramon calls Georgia 'a captured state'
Speaker Papuashvili regrets EU politicians embrace Russian propaganda tools
MEP Mikser says compromised text of annual report expresses support for Georgia's EU aspirations
EP's Foreign Relations Committee approved annual report on Georgia with compromise revisions
Speaker Papuashvili: Some MEPs put their own narrow interests above another country's European future
MEPs say no to Russian passports from occupied regions
EU Council agrees its negotiating mandate on non-acceptance of Russian travel documents issued in Ukraine, Georgia
EP groups’ leaders call on EU states to decide on Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia's EU membership applications
Georgia belongs to European family, President Metsola states