WHO: Omicron already recorded in 110 countries
WHO: Omicron already recorded in 110 countries

The omicron strain of coronavirus has already been detected in 110 countries, and because of the rate at which it spreads, it could have a significant impact on health systems, even if it poses less danger than the delta variant, Report informs with reference to the World Health Organization (WHO).

The clinical severity of omicron remains uncertain, but nonetheless, increased transmission with the same or less severity than delta can lead to increased stress on health systems and lead to significant morbidity, the WHO noted.

WHO said the impact of omicron on vulnerable populations could be significant, especially in countries with low vaccination coverage and herd immunity.

According to the document, according to preliminary data from epidemiological studies, omicron has the ability to overcome the body’s immune response. Moreover, existing vaccines show a significant reduction in efficacy against symptomatic infection with the omicron strain, which was not observed in the case of the delta variant.

Omicron is spreading among the population faster than delta, which can lead to new surges in the incidence with serious consequences, the document also says.

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