PM labels Transparency Law as 'Constitution of Sovereignty'
PM labels Transparency Law as 'Constitution of Sovereignty'

“The Transparency Law will make a crucial contribution to further strengthening our sovereignty. Therefore, I called this law the Constitution of Sovereignty,” said Prime Minister Irakli Kobakhidze at a press briefing.

Kobakhidze noted that he had repeatedly invited all stakeholders to participate in public discussions, though these invitations were often declined, indicating a lack of viable alternatives to transparency.

“I reiterate my readiness to engage in a public discussion. I invite any entity – diplomats, foreign politicians, domestic politicians, young people, or anyone else to join me in a live public debate.

Unfortunately, many avoid this discussion because there is no credible argument against transparency.

This is not just an ordinary law. It is a law on transparency that will significantly strengthen our sovereignty. Therefore, I have called it the ‘Constitution of Sovereignty’. This law is essentially a constitution for our sovereignty, which is why it is disliked by those who do not want to see Georgia become too strong or too sovereign, but this is our national interest,” said Kobakhidze.