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PM labels Transparency Law as 'Constitution of Sovereignty'
Justice Minister: Grounds for sanctions on supporters of democracy-strengthening law unclear
Georgian PM says OSCE/ODIHIR document has no legal reasoning
OSCE/ODIHIR: Transparency law incompatible with democratic standards 
Estonian MP grills PM Kallas over FM Tsahkna's speech at protest rally in Georgia
U.S. Ambassador to NATO: We want Georgian gov't to listen to people's will, let that drive policy going forward
Speaker grateful to people for wisdom, not entrapped by disinformation storm coming from inside or outside
Parliament Speakers of seven nations address Shalva Papuashvili
Borrell: Some member states consider Transparency Law not so important while others say it goes against EU norms 
Speaker: Instead of foreign actors showing readiness to publicize EU/U.S. funded projects, we see attack on Transparency Law aiming to hide funding
PM: Non-transparency of NGOs funding creates fertile ground for constant instability which is unacceptable
Secretary Blinken announces visa restriction policy for ‘undermining democracy in Georgia and comprehensive review of all U.S.-Georgia cooperation’
Lelo's Natsvlishvili says PM spreads 'structured, targeted, well-thought-out Kremlin disinformation'
Speaker: ECHR confirms Transparency Law to help people learn about funders of defamation campaigns
PM says NGOs serve as political tools in many nations to achieve political interests
PM: Transparency Law ensures bulk of things; makes hard attack church or carry out LGBT propaganda with foreign funds
PM: Venice Commission's conclusion reads what certain NGOs say which goes beyond limitations; meaning renunciation of professional ethics, dignity
PM: Opponents didn't desire healthy, open discussion over Transparency Law
Seimas resolution urges Georgian gov't to withdraw Transparency Law
POLITICO: US to consider major military, trade package to Georgia if anti-democratic drift reversed