Estonian MP grills PM Kallas over FM Tsahkna's speech at protest rally in Georgia
Estonian MP grills PM Kallas over FM Tsahkna's speech at protest rally in Georgia

Estonian MP Varro Vooglaid has deemed Transparency Law as ‘perfectly reasonable.’

In his address to the Estonian Prime Minister in the Parliament, Vooglaid said: “I still haven’t understood what the problem is with this law. I know a similar legislation exists in the United States. I am aware that comparable regulations are being considered throughout the European Union. I am aware that not only Russia but also Hungary, have accepted similar bill. And I don’t see why Estonia shouldn’t pass such a legislation so that we know the organisations which are heavily sponsored from overseas and attempt to influence political processes in Estonia.”

Varro Vooglaid claims “Now, even if we find that this law is not reasonable, it is not the business of any other country to interfere in the internal affairs of another country and start dictating to them what laws their democratically elected parliament should or should not pass.”

“Imagine if, for example, foreign ministers from other countries gathered in front of Estonia’s Government Office to protest the country’s completely undemocratic e-election system, which is opaque, uncontrollable, and thus unreliable. Although I also consider this election system completely unreasonable and unacceptable, I would in any case be against the fact that, for example, the Latvian foreign minister would come here to protest against the Estonian government. Things don’t work that easily. We do not interfere in the internal affairs of other countries.

I would like to request an assessment of your government-led Estonian FM’s interference in Georgian internal affairs, which the Georgian Parliament Speaker has strongly backlashed stating that appealing to a gathering of enthusiastic young people led by radical opposition parties and calling them the whole nation is something one would expect from a Soviet or Russian regime. Is this appropriate behaviour from the foreign minister of the country you lead?” He added.

The foreign ministers of Estonia, Iceland, and Lithuania addressed the anti-transparency rally participants on Rustaveli Avenue on 15 May. Margus Tsahkna stated that “every nation has the right to decide where they belong, what values they are sharing and what kind of values they are standing for. And I know all together with you, Georgian people, we are sharing the same values about democracy and freedom.”