Kakha Kaladze urges citizens to go to polls to 'put end to Bolshevism'
Kakha Kaladze urges citizens to go to polls to 'put end to Bolshevism'

Georgian Dream’s Tbilisi Mayoral candidate Kakha Kaladze says Tbilisi and Georgia do not need revenge and chaos, but progress and peace.

“I believe that progress and stability will prevail over revenge and chaos on 30 October! Tbilisi and Georgia will emerge victorious on 30 October! Let’s see our victory through to the end!” Kaladze said in a Facebook video address.

“First of all, I would like to once again thank every single voter. Over the past two months, I presented a detailed report to the residents of Tbilisi on what I have done for the city during the past four years and what I plan to do in the next four years. During this time, I, my spouse, my parents, and perhaps most unfortunately, my young children have become the targets of an unprecedented campaign of aggression, hate, and lies. Nevertheless, I decided to run a European-style, future-oriented election campaign which, rather than being aimed at presenting the opponents’ shortcomings and flaws, was aimed at offering the most sophisticated and well-thought-out city development plan to the residents of Tbilisi,” Kaladze stated.

Mayoral candidate claims GD offered the residents of Tbilisi a detailed election program and a number of large-scale projects “which, I believe, will make Tbilisi an even more developed, European, beautiful, green, and attractive city, and bring more life to every district of Tbilisi.”

“Unfortunately, the public has not heard a single valuable suggestion from my opponent concerning the development of Tbilisi. Instead, their entire campaign was aimed at overthrowing the government, stirring up unrest, and the so-called referendum. To this day, the runner-up candidate has done nothing for the country and the city other than bankrupting private companies, trying to break into state buildings, and constantly staging hooligan provocations,” he noted.

Kaladze urges citizens to go to the polls “that we may put an end to the Bolshevism, the evil, the hatred, and the lies that are embodied by the United National Movement in this country once and for all!”

The runoffs are scheduled for October 30.