GeoStat: Unemployment rate rises in Georgia
GeoStat: Unemployment rate rises in Georgia

Georgia’s National Statistics Office (GeoStat) published the employment and unemployment rate on Monday.

GeoStat used the new standards of the International Labor Organization to calculate the data for 3Q, 2020.

The unemployment rate in Georgia rose by 0.2% and equaled 17.0 %. The employment rate fell by 1.3 % and equaled 41.8 %.

The unemployment rate is higher for men. This indicator decreased by 1.5% for women, while increased by 1.4% for men, GeoStat noted. According to the new standard, self-employed individuals who are not market-oriented and produce agricultural products mainly (more than 50%) for household consumption will no longer be considered self-employed.

These individuals were reclassified to unemployed and outside the labor force categories. Following the new standard against the old one, the unemployment rate is significantly, approximately three times higher in rural settlements. The difference in urban settlements is relatively insignificant, GeoStat stressed.