Georgian First Channel launches new project

The Georgian First Channel is launching a new project ITV Reporter. The new project gives the opportunity to any person to become a reporter. The subscribers can download the application 1tv reporter on their cell phones and submit information, photos or videos which will be uploaded on

How to register

First, download the application 1tv reporter. Click the symbol of a photo camera and the field for registration will appear on the screen. Indicate an active e-mail and mobile phone number. The subscriber should register with the use of Georgian font. Undergo through authorization after registration and start sending the material. If you want to submit the material without a photo or a video, click the corresponding button; write a headline and text of the news. You can revise and edit the text before sending it.

After submitting the information, you will receive SMS saying that your material is under consideration. You will also receive SMS if your material is approved and posted on the webpage

Rules for publishing

Uploading the material is possible only through the use of a mobile application. The headline and text must be in Georgian language and should correspond to the content. Exceptions will be made in case of foreign names, quotations, address of a website, etc.

Multimedia content should not exceed 300 MB and must be in Full HD (1920X1080) resolution at most, preferably in horizontal images. The text must not exceed 500 symbols. If you wish to remain a confidential author, mark the field ‘Hide Author.’

Behavior Rules

Use of indecent words or terms that contain signs of discrimination on racial, ethnic, religious, gender or social grounds as the name of a subscriber is prohibited. Also, it is prohibited to portray yourself as an employer of the organization and present yourself in the form that will mislead the users (Names of well-known persons, organizations).

If the material includes insulting, xenophobic statements, propagating violence or fake information, something shocking or advertising, the material will not be published. The subscriber prior agrees to act in accordance with the set rules and takes the responsibility not to harm Georgian First Channel or a third person. If the published material is plagiarism or defamation, the victim side reserves the right to apply to a court; the administration of ITV Reporter will bear no responsibility.

Duties and authorities of Administration

The administration can cancel the account and content of the registered subscriber if he/she violates the rules without warning in advance. Personal data of the registered user is confidential and will not be revealed without a prior consent other than in cases if requested by the Georgian legislation and international norms.

The administration is not responsible for the material’s loss or damage. The user can request for deletion of his/her account. The administration can edit or use the material without paying to the author.

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