EU Ambassador: Recent events need to be followed up
EU Ambassador: Recent events need to be followed up

To me and to the EU, it is clear that the events that took place need to be followed up, because of the psychological and as you mentioned physical wounds that came from the events, – EU Ambassador to Georgia Carl Hartzell told reporters when commenting about the June 20-21 developments during the protest rally in front of the parliament building at central Rustaveli Avenue in Tbilisi.

“We see that the situation is not static. There has been a launch of an investigation into the excessive use of force by the police and incitement of violence. Pursuing this in a balanced way is going to be very important because I think it’s important in the end to establish facts, everyone wants to have answers. And I’m very pleased that we have the public defender involved in the process to increase the transparency of these investigations.

We will continue encouraging, as much as possible, transparency into all these processes. Because I think it’s clear to everyone that there is high political visibility on this issue and transparency is the key to all of these issues.

And with regard to the demonstrations and actions from any actor, it is very clear to us that working and expressing your views within the framework of the Constitution is a crucial thing. And we hope that by taking further responsible steps in good faith, we will build further consensus”, the Ambassador said.

The EU Ambassador declined to answer a question regarding the demonstrators’ demand for the dismissal of Giorgi Gakharia, Minister of Internal Affairs.


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