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EC Spokesman: EU fully supports Carl Hartzell who did great job for EU-Georgia ties
'Georgia will always be part of us,' EU Ambassador says in farewell video message
PM holds farewell meeting with EU Ambassador
Meeting 12-point priorities to be powerful message to EU that Georgia is back on track, Ambassador Hartzell says
It is Georgia's responsibility to ensure all legal cases follow highest standards, EU Ambassador says
All sides have to assume responsibility for depolarisation, EU Ambassador states
EU membership not to be something that happens overnight, Ambassador Hartzell says
Georgia needs concerted action to take advantage of opened opportunities, EU Ambassador says
EU-Georgia Business Forum 2022 opens
Many ordinary Georgians came out yesterday wishing Georgia to embrace opportunity given by EU, Ambassador Hartzell says
EC recognized Georgia as the country for which the EU door for future membership remains open, Ambassador Hartzell says
EU Ambassador to attend the rally at Europe Square
EU Ambassador concerned with rushed adoption of legislative amendments
EU High Representative nominates Pawel Herczynski as Head of EU Delegation to Georgia
No matter what outcome, it is time for Georgia to get down to work to make EU membership bid credible, Hartzell says
EU Ambassador congratulates Georgia on Independence Day
PM hands over second part of EU Questionnaire to EU Ambassador
EU Ambassador predicts EU member states to voice first decision on Georgia’s candidate status next months
Ambassador Hartzell: EU stands by Georgia, in support of building strong, democratic country
After receiving answers to second part of Questionnaire, ball to be in court of European Commission, Ambassador Hartzell says